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Osteria LangheEpisode 41 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt12 ThomAss Edison start a new brunch list by checking out Osteria Langhe.  Perhaps the brunch standard has been set too high by our previous adventures, but we were underwhelmed.  Lots of good effort with less good execution, but there we a great negroni, so that’s better than nothing.  Onward and onward.
Glazed and InfusedEpisode 40 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Donut Pt1 ThomAss Edison and I finally start the donut list we’ve been talking about for months.  We had delicious treats at Glazed and Infused.  This was maybe the happiest I’ve ever seen ThomAss, that’s how good these donuts were.  
Beaver CreekEpisode 39 – Diva & Lady Lemon Drop at Beaver Creek with Squid Vicious ThomAss Edison and I went to Colorado for a ski weekend.  I got to spend the day with Lady Lemon Drop and Squid Vicious.  We recorded during the daily cookie mob, a ploy to get people off the Beaver Creek Mountain before closing time.  The cookies were delicious and the company was top notch.  It was a great vacation, despite the fact that I slipped on the ice.
grid closedEpisode 38 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt11 A plethora of people join me for the end of the ridiculous Bloody Mary saga: Phaedra Black, Cinnamon Twist, Sweet Ginger Rose, the Scientist, and Thom Ass Edison.  We went to Northdown for delicious foods and drinks.  The Grid, the last place on my list, closed before I could get to it, but it all worked out.  We discuss what the next list should be and accidently start just conversing.  Whoops!
Episode 37 – Diva & the audience at Lady Date Live at the Den Theater When I started Lady Date, I never imagined that it could turn into a live show, but I’m so glad it did.  Here is the intro, and outro, from Dec 2014 at the Den Theater, the last of the series.  I don’t cry on the recording, but trust, I got real emotional immediately after.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated, attended, donated, and supported.  Completing this series of live shows, raising money for the Michael J Fox Foundation, and running the San Antonio marathon was genuine dream come true and I could not have done it without all of you.  Cheers!
San An marathonEpisode 36 – Diva & the San Antonio Marathon I joined several family members (Dad, Stevie G, and Julia) for the San Antonio marathon in Dec 2014.  It was a great day, fantastic weather, great crowds, fun bands, awesome course; we could not have asked for a better race.  I consider San Antonio my home town, and getting to run it with my family was a true delight.  I had been wanting to do this race for years, and I’m so happy to have had this experience.
Logan Bar and GrillEpisode 35 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt10 ThomAss Edison joined me for brunch at Logan Bar & Grill, which was not on the ridiculous list but I’d heard through the grapevine that they were worth stopping at.  The results were mixed.  But since it was a warm day in a Chicago winter, it was still a great trip.  Please pardon all the back ground noise, there’s a lot of it.
Episode 34 – Diva & the audience at Lady Date Live at the Live Wire Lounge In Nov 2014 the Lady Date Live series continued despite the polar vortex.  We raised funds for The Michael J. Fox Foundation and partied hard at Live Wire Lounge.  Most of the audio was caught for Hot Girls Recording a Podcast, so I kept the LDL segment very short.  However, editing is tedious and no one likes to do it, so it hasn’t been released yet.  In the meantime, enjoy this snippet of a super fun evening.
Episode 33 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt9 Hazel Hellbender, Lacey Lay, Sweet Ginger Rose, Matthew Weisemann, ThomAss Edison and I all went out for brunch at Homeslice.  Their bloody mary has a pizza on it, which sparks a discussion about where to find the best pizza in the city.  Also, we participate in a segment called “Hot Girls Coughing”, so you’ve been warned.
Episode 32 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt8 Hazel Hellbender and ThomAss Edison join me for brunch as we near the end of the Bloody Mary pilgrimage.  We ate at The Smoke Daddy, a place known for their meat.  We highly recommend many things on the menu, including the not so ridiculous but very delicious Bloody Mary.
Episode 31 – Diva & the audience at Lady Date Live at the Prop Theater In Oct 2014 I celebrated my burlesque-aversary/birthday with a  Lady Date Live at the Prop Theater.  We raised a lot of money for Team Fox benefitting The Michael J. Fox Foundation.  I got a little drunk, and increasingly emotional.  It was an awesome night and I’m so glad we got a piece of it on tape.
Episode 30 – Diva & ThomAss Edison at LA Podfest ’14 Pt3 ThomAss Edison and I wrap our fabulous vacation at the LA Podfest by visiting the Tattle Tale Room.  Please ignore the background music as we recap the last shows we saw, walk down a distant memory lane, and remember the great meals we had.  Shout outs to Sultry Sweet Burlesque, the El Cid, and the Cookie Casa.  It was a fantastic trip and we’re already looking forward to next year.
Episode 29 – Diva & ThomAss Edison at LA Podfest ’14 Pt2 ThomAss Edison and I recap the first half of our adventures at the LA Podcast Festival 2014.  We tried recording the Square Space Podcasting Studio, but it did not go well.  Consequently, the first 2 minutes of audio are not great.  We mention upcoming live shows that have already happened, and I was pretty drunk when we recorded, so I repeat myself a lot.  Enjoy!
with Drew LAP2014Episode 28 – Diva & ThomAss Edison at LA Podfest ’14 Pt1 Thom Ass Edison joined me in beautiful Los Angeles for the LA Podcast Festival. We recount our very exciting trip from the airport to the Sofitel, our delight at seeing the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and list out what we most looked forward to at the festival. We also ate at the awesome Café Sushi, and drank at the super swanky Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s a great start to a great vacation!  
Episode 27 – Diva & the audience from Lady Date Live at North Bar So, on Sept 10 we did the first live taping of Lady Date at North Bar. There were a lot of great performances and a lot of happy tears. This inaugural production was seriously a dream come true, and could not have asked for a better show.  If you missed it, there’s another one coming up next month.   
Episode 26 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt7 Thom Ass Edison watched me have a drink at Jimmy Green’s, but also, he got to have the mini hot dog that came with my drink.  That’s right; their bloody Mary comes with a petite, well garnished hot dog.  We also discuss drinking technique, and our plan to conquer the rest of the Thrillist list, and the new list we’ll chase in the winter times. 
Rockit brunchEpisode 25 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt6 Ruby Bourbon, Sweet Ginger Rose, and Thom Ass Edison joined me for brunch at Rockit Bar and Grill.  They serve their bloody marys with a fully garnish bar, so you can fill your glass to the brim with all manner of goodies.  As impressed we were with those, we were even more impressed by the food.  We have to go back!  And next time, we’ll try the mimosas. 
garnish cart at SundaEpisode 24 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt5 ThomAss Edison and I continue our brunch saga at Sunda where they have a garnish-your-own Bloody Mary.  Everything was delicious and we’re already making plans so we can go back and have dessert.  And in case you’re wondering, “tot salad” refers to a salad with tater tots on it, one of my favorite catch all dishes. 
Morning After Mary at SavoyEpisode 23 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt4 ThomAss Edison joins me again for brunch, this time at The Savoy.  I finally got the ridiculous beverage: the Morning After Mary.  It comes with an oyster garnish so it’s pretty much my fav.  Both the food and the beverages were terrific.  We make some terrible jokes and have a good old time. 
Episode 22 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt3 ThomAss Edison joins me on my Bloody Mary crusade.  We went to Headquarters and played a bunch of fun games.  Sadly, I once again failed to get the ridiculous Bloody, but, spoiler alert, the regular is pretty good. 
Episode 21 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt2 ThomAss Edison joined me for Bloody Brunch #2 at Handlebar.  In addition to delicious food, we recap his whirlwind weekend at Windy City Burlesque Festival.  With special shout outs to Pimprov, Dirty Birds Burlesque, and Plan 9 Burlesque
Episode 20 – Diva & a solo Hash House brunch It’s been a while since I went on a solo lady date, and scheduling conflicts this time required it.  I brunched at Hash House a Go Go and it was a success.  Sorry I left the recorder on at the end; I really wanted to catch that bus.
Dunleys brunchEpisode 19 – Diva & the Search for the Perfect Bloody Mary Pt1 Summer has finally come to Chicago!  My friends and I are celebrating by going to brunch.  This time Hazel Hellbender, Ruby Bourbon, Aaadam, ThomAss Edison and I met at Dunley’s on the Square to discuss what makes a great Bloody Mary and our plan to get some ridiculous beverages. 
Ladies of Lady Dinner 012014Episode 18 – Diva & Karen Shimmin & Alex Boroff & Liz Hoffman & Robin Coffyn & Angela DeMarco Back in Jan I ate dinner with some great ladies: Karen Shimmin hosts All Write Already and Essay Fiesta. Alex Boroff plays with Unrehearsed Shakespeare. Liz Hoffman is a costumer and cofounder of Project 891 Theatre. Robin Coffyn is on the TV show Chicago Fire and a member of Factory Theater. Angela DeMarco is a mother, world traveler, and Arbonne consultant.  We woot a lot, cause we’re fun.  We drank a lot, and discussed what we drank.   Someone said my real name, which leads to the editing snafu you hear in the middle.  Whoops!  Love you ladies! 
NY 2014 with TAEdison and PTushyEpisode 17 – Diva & ThomAss Edison in NOLA on NYE Wow, I forgot how drunk I got at New Years.  ThomAss Edison patiently experiences New Year’s Eve in New Orleans with me.  We ran into Picolla Tushy, MsPixy, and KLeo that night but did not get them on tape.  We chat about goals for 2014 and party city culture shock while sitting in the DejaVu diner (where there were killer fried pickles.)  I have forgotten the name of the hotel we talk about.  Sorry fine lodging establishment.  
Episode 16 – Diva & Picola Tushy It was my first night in New Orleans at the end of Dec 2013, when the brilliant Picolla Tushy came out to play.  We reminisce about the old days with MsPixy, and contemplate the future of her troupe, The Blue Stockings, while doing shots at Molly’s at the Market. Good times! 
Episode 15 – Diva & Dan & Big J My buddies Dan and Big J and I were at a holiday party when we attempted to talk about podcasts we like. We devolve into French and giggling. Also, you can learn more about Big J and his upcoming shows here: Happy Belated Holidays everyone.
Episode 14 – Diva & Slightly Spitfire & Penny Teller & Bare Thrills Ok, so not every episode is a winner. Sometimes it’s drunken ramblings after a show. Bare Thrills is giving the not drunk Penny Teller, and the very drunk Slightly Spitfire and I rides home. He is an excellent driver, we are terrible passengers.
L Hoffman headshotEpisode 13 – Diva & Liz Hoffman Liz Hoffman and I have been fantasizing about doing a live show called Two Dames Getting Drunk for years, and this episode recorded in Nov ’13 is the closest we’ve ever come to accomplishing this goal. Spoiler alert! We discuss Dr Who, Sherlock, and hot young men. “Married to the Eiffel Tower” is the documentary we discuss, which still neither of us has watched. Also, there are a lot of clips online of Tom Hiddleston dancing on chat shows.
Episode 12 – Diva & Lacey & Hazel & Lady Lemondrop & Becca In early November a bunch of us got together for a Harry Potter pub crawl, which is us drinking at a couple different bars while playing HP related trivia games. It was a hoot! I attempted a quick mini ep as we walked from one bar to the other and it quickly devolved into madness. This is also the first ep I’ve tried to sound edit myself. Technology!
Episode 11 – Diva & Lacey Lay & Cinnamon Twist Lacey Lay and Cinnamon Twist and I gabbed way back on Halloween about costumes and short hair and Thanksgiving songs. I realize now that I hogged the mic, and that was my bad. I hope they’re both working on their Thriller choreography. Also, the doc we’re talking about is A Wink and a Smile. In addition, listen to our other podcast, to fully understand all our jokes.
soloEpisode 10 – Diva & ThomAss Edison @ LA Podcast Festival [Pt 3] Thom Ass Edison and I finish up our whirlwind weekend at LA Podfest with a brief recap while sitting at the airport.  Our highlights of the trip include: WTF, Dork Forest, Girl on Guy, Doug Loves Movies, Dining with Doug and Karen, Comedy Film Nerds, and Pop My Culture.  It really was a great trip.  Hope we can do it again next year! 
E Markus headshotEpisode 9 – Diva & Elisa Markus @ LA Podcast Festival Sorry I’m about 4 months behind.  Back in Oct, Thom Ass Edison and I ran into fellow Chicago podcaster Elisa Markus on the last day of the LA Podfest. She had a very different experience from us. Listen to her podcast The Adviceists with Elisa Markus, which is now back from its hiatus. And cause I said I would, we were talking about Chris Gore. Also, I don’t really hate the suburbs. You’re all great!
duoEpisode 8 – Diva & Thom Ass @ LA Podcast Festival [Pt 2] Thom Ass Edison and I continue our podcast adventure.  By the end of day 2 we had already seen a ton of shows and were having loads of fun.  The only thing better than listening to podcasts is seeing them live!  We enjoyed the following: WTFLovitz or LeavitzDeathsquadComedy Film NerdsStuff You Should KnowWelcome to NightvalePop My Culture, & Doug Loves Movies. Boom!
Late Late ShowEpisode 7 – Diva & Thom Ass Edison @ LA Podcast FestivalThom Ass Edison and I traveled to beautiful Santa Monica, CA in early Oct to see the LA Podcast Festival.  We taped this as we walked down a busy street on our way to the first show.  We recap the first non-podcast part of our trip, including a visit to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
J Forella headshotEpisode 6 – Diva & Jessica Forella Jessica Forella and I chat outside a bar about country western music and backstage theater etiquette. Please note that Diva McDrunkFace uses a lot of foul language when she’s drunk, but my guest remains the upmost professional. See her work at Theater Hikes’ Passion of Dracula in October.
BHBetty headshotEpisode 5 – Diva & Bottom Heavy Betty Ep 5 already?! I know we’ve been keeping them short, but that makes them hella sweet; like this chat with Bottom Heavy Betty. We quickly run down her resume (Indiana University, Second City, The Annoyance, Gorilla Tango Theatre) before discussing why she went into comedy.
nora s pic episode 4Episode 4 – Diva & Nora Seidman I meet my pal Nora Seidman for lunch at a busy eatery and we quickly talk about podcasts. Nora just got back from the Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival. I’m jealous that she got to talk to John Hodgman. We also briefly discuss Doug Loves Movies  and Comedy Bang Bang. Bonus points if you know what movie we’re talking about at the end.
K Wenzlick headshotEpisode 3 – Diva & Katie Wenzlick My guest is Katie Wenzlick, a stage manager, a former member of a marching band, and a patron of the arts. (We’re talking after Beast Women.) She’s super high energy, and we’ll need to do a part 2 as this episode is super short. Consider this a taste of things to come. Cheers!
MSW episode 2Episode 2 – Diva & Michelle Shea Walker My guest this episode is health coach/blogger/web-designer Michelle Shea Walker. In addition to managing my website, she also runs Health Happiness & Hula Hoops. Such a busy, awesome lady! We bounce around a lot of  topics from our fav eats (Karyn’s on Green, The Chicago Diner, Native Foods Cafe, Door to Door OrganicsSriracha) to her own personal food challenge & the band that inspired her, and now me, to hula hoop. Cheers! Don’t miss Michelle’s Dabble class – What to Eat to Look Good Naked on Sept. 24th!

diva episode 1 cropEpisode 1 – Diva & a Club Soda Hi all, This is a tester episode to get me started in the world of podcasting.  Later, there will be interviews with fabulous ladies, but for now, it’s me rambling about whatever.  Hope you enjoy it, and come back again to hear real conversations. -Diva

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