Tight & Dry – The Blog


I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while.  I’ve taken multiple workshops that praise the benefits of writing for writing’s sake.  I’m shit at just writing.  If it’s an exercise for a class, then yes, I’ll do my homework, but I’ll not enjoy it.  As I am not currently in such a class, I’m having to find a new reason to do the thing I know I’m supposed to do.  It’s my chore; like the laundry or the dishes.  The writing.  It has to get done.  And I want to publicize it, for accountability, and constructive (cunt-structive) criticism.

Originally I wanted this blog to be about my drinking habits (Dry [ish]) and my exercise routine (Tight [of a kind]).  But … that might not be a journey I’m ready to share.  My body and my dietary habits are a surprisingly touchy subject.  I didn’t think it would bother me, but previous experiments have proven that both do.

Instead I will share this: woot!  I hope to share stories from my real life experience that I find fun and amusing.  And we can move into the serious stuff as needed.

Also, I hope to pursue the following goals (and share that journey with you):

  1. Be bendier: I’m older than I’ve ever been and I hope to keep and improve the physical mobility I currently have.  I used to have a contortion teacher who said that stretching a sport one can do forever.  My grandma used to do quite a bit of the “sit and be fit” exercise routine (that’s strength training in a seated position, fyi).  My grandpa still walks a lot and can swing a mean sledgehammer when needed.  And I want to be that agile at that age, but I have to start now.  So yoga, stretching, contortion, and maybe a little hand balancing if I find the time.
  2. Get paid to speak into microphones: If I had a nickel for every person that told me that my face is un-castable (for film and TV) I wouldn’t still be trying to work in film and TV.  As a multi-ethnic American I understand that I am difficult to cast.  I imagine that 2-3 generations from now, it’ll no longer be an issue, but to that end, I have to be the change I want to see in the world.  That being said, I’ve had an enough agents laugh in my face to know I have to create a different path then being on camera.  Actors have to look like a type.  But stand-up comedians can look however they want.  Podcasters can look however they want.  Voice over actors can look however they want.  And producers can look however they want.  My hope is that acting jobs (where no one cares about my stunning multi-hyphenate face) could bankroll producing jobs, which can provide opportunities for other performers so their path isn’t as hard as mine is.  (And pay all my bills and allow me retire, while I’m shooting for the stars here.)

All my projects either need to fit into one of these goals or pay for one of these goals.  So there we go universe/audience, let’s see what happens.  Game on.